Executive team

Ali Salanti, CEO

Ali Salanti (AS) is founder and CEO of VAR2 Pharmaceuticals. He holds a Ph.D. in medicine and is Professor at University of Copenhagen. AS has a strong background in molecular biology and translational medicine, and he is currently running a clinical development program for a malaria vaccine. He received a ERC consolidator grant in 2014.

Thor G. Theander

Thor G. Theander (TGT) is founder of VAR2 Pharmaceuticals and member of BoD. He is a medical doctor and Professor at University of Copenhagen (UC), and Head of Center for Medical Parasitology at UC. TGT has 25 years of experience in translational malariology and pre-clinical and clinical development. He founded LiCa Pharmaceuticals, and he has > 250 peer-reviewed articles, including recent publications in Nature and NEJM.

Mads Daugaard, CSO

Mads Daugaard (MD) is founder of VAR2 Pharmaceuticals, and CSO of Vancouver branch. He is Principal Investigator at the University of British Columbia, Centre of Excellence in Translational Oncology, the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC). MD has a strong background in translational cancer biology, molecular biology and biochemistry. He has more than 10 years of experience working on molecular aspects of cancer biology.


Mai-Britt Zocca

Mai-Britt Zocca (MBZ) is an experienced biotech entre-preneur with a strong background in translational medicine. MBZ has co-founded several biotech companies and currently holds the position as CEO of IO Biotech, OncoNOx and LevOss. She holds a Ph.D. in tumor immunology and a Master Sc. in Biochemistry. MBZ has published more than 25 peer-reviewed articles and is inventor on several patents.